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Service Businesses: Lower Your Cost Per Lead By At Least 10% Fully Guaranteed or Your Money Back - Without Sacrificing Lead Quality - And Without Financial Risk With Experimenting or A/B Testing

63.87% Decrease in CPL - $95.39 CPL to $49.21 in 30-days📉

Melanie C, President, Shamrock Corporation - "Added 100k in 1 month"

Reduce My Cost Per Lead 📉

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"We were able to decrease our CPL and increase conversions in the first 30 days!"

Our Agency

✅ One-time fee of $1,000 to reduce your cost per lead by at least 10% without sacrificing lead quality, without turning on search partners, or your money back

✅ Includes a high-converting landing page, 30-days of CRO, and 30-days of Google Ads management

✅ Low Risk A/B testing splitting 90% of traffic to the original campaign and 10% to the experiment

✅ Finish the A/B test splitting traffic 50/50 once our page is proven to convert the same or better as original


❌ Locked into monthly retainer waiting months for results that may never come and waste thousands on agency fees and ad spend

❌ No dedicated landing page for campaign or tells you to "use homepage"

❌ High-Risk A/B Testing Splitting Traffic 50/50 and waste thousands of dollars to find out if something works

❌ Already thousands of dollars in the hole once you figure out it doesn't work

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Want To Lower Your Cost Per Lead But About To Go Crazy If Another Agency Tells You to "Just Turn on the Search Partner Network" 😤


Your agency tells you on your bi-weekly calls that they lowered your cost per lead dramatically

You hear the word search partner's...

Your lead flow doubles... 


What happens after that?

❌ Your lead quality sucks now

❌ You get tons of leads that all suck

❌ You waste you or your sales teams time calling low-quality leads that won't ever buy from you

Sound fimiliar?

What's the #1 Thing Our Client's Tell Us About Our Google Ads Results? That They Are Totally, Absolutely, 110% Worth It.

Everyday we hear from clients who tell us how surprised and amazed they are by the incredible ripple effect their results have had on their ability to charge more, their revenue, and above all, their growth.

✅ One-Time Payment, No Monthly Fees

✅ Reduce Your Cost Per Lead in 30-Days

✅ No BS Money Back Guarantee

✅ Under Promise and Over-Deliver

Our Experts Have Worked With 100's of Industries With A Great Reputation!

Reduce My Cost Per Lead 📉

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Just Like Shamrock Corporation Who Added 100k in 1 Month & Decreased Their Cost Per Lead By 63.87%...

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That's a cost per lead of $95.39 decreased to $49.21...

But that's not all...

The spike in demand for her business allowed her to increase prices and become more profitable.

...And that's not even the best part

The best part is that Melanie will never have to depend solely on referrals to grow her business anymore, because her paid ads are profitable...

Another Happy Client In An Extremely Competitive Industry Who Decreased Their Cost Per Lead From $166.68 To $26.21

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We decreased this client's cost per lead by 145.65%...

But that's not the most impressive part, considering we know what we are doing...

The challenging part is:

Clicks in this space can be upwards of $15-30 per click depending on what you're promoting.


How do we do it?

Keep scrolling to find our secret sauce that helps us achieve these insane results in any industry we enter.

Another Happy Client in A Very Competitive Industry Achieving A Cost Per Lead 42x Below Industry Average

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That's right, 42x below the industry average in the higher education space

As of September 2023, the cost per lead is $9.31 a lead.


Another Happy Client - Conversion Optimization

Optimized Website For Conversions - Ross L.

The Secret To Our Client's Success...

Industry Research Document

We collect 100's of reviews from you and your competitors Google, Yelp, and other listings.

This helps us identify pain points, desires, and objections, relevant to your industry.

Why should you care?

✅ It lowers your cost per lead

✅ Helps create a strong risk-reversing offer with guarantees specific to your industry to handle customer objections

"Will This Work in My Industry⁉️"

Short Answer: Yes

Many client's come to us skeptical if it will work for their industry.

I personally talk to business owners everyday and they all have the same question...

"Does your marketing even work for our industry??"

Our Experts Have Worked in 100's of different verticals and have had success in every one.

B2B, B2C, and so on.

Ultimately they all have their little nuances and even say within the auto industry, each business is slightly different.

As long as you are in a service-based industry, the specific industry is almost irrelevant. (Not E-Commerce)

...But hold on don't get your torches just yet because I said that!

The Honest Long Answer To Your Question:

It's not the industry that is relevant, it's the ideal customer profile that is relevant.

What is relevant is nailing the industry specific pain points, objections, benefits, skepticism, and the desired outcomes of your audience in your ad copy and landing pages that answer every single question and objection they have.

This is where our industry research document comes into play where we collect and code 100's of reviews that talk about what your ideal customer want's, and what your ideal customer is afraid of.

As opposed to what most marketing agencies do:

❌ Throw spaghetti at the wall and hope it sticks

Use their experience in an industry to create an "average" campaign and landing page experience, that:

❌Does not address important objections your prospects have that you will only find through rigorous quantitative research leading to low or average conversion rates at best

❌Makes your prospects not trust you because you aren't "speaking their lingo"

❌ Leaves your prospects with objections because you aren't answering the most important questions they have

If your prospects have unanswered questions they will not convert.

Want to know how we know this is a huge question for every single business owner when it comes to working with a marketing agency and why we put this question first?

Because we do our research!

"What If I Pay You and Don't Get a 10% Decrease in My Cost Per Lead"

We know you've probably been burned before.

Or at the least bit a little skeptical...

That's why we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

This Google ads campaign will outperform your current cost per lead by at least 10% in a 30-day A/B test or I will give you a full refund. I will sign a legally binding contract that says this with no BS or funny business or hidden terms and conditions.

If it doesn't work:

✅We will just turn off the ads. No debriefing or changes required.

✅We will give you a full refund. No financial risk

✅We will all move on with our lives. It was just an experiment, no harm, no foul, no hard feelings.

"What If My Cost Per Lead Goes Up? Won't I Lose Money"

If we run paid ads to it, and it doesn't perform better, we can simply shut them off.

In the A/B test, we will create a copy of your current campaign and start out with 90% of the traffic going to the original and 10% going to the new campaign.

✅This will minimize the downside in case my campaign performs worse.

✅Your original campaign will not be modified.

✅Once my campaign is proven to convert at a similar or better rate, then we will split the traffic 50/50 each and finish the A/B test.

This way, there is almost no financial risk involved.

"How Much Does it Cost and What Are the Deliverables?

For $1499, This is what you get:

✅ We guarantee that we will decrease your cost per lead in writing By 10% or give you your money back (No Financial Risk)

✅ We will build you a Google Ads campaign in your account which we will manage in all aspects for 30-days

✅ We will build you a high-converting landing page to go with the new Google Ads campaign

We will be raising prices in the future as we get more testimonials and case studies.


Still Scared To Take Action?

Right now you’ve got the perfect strategy to be where you’re exactly meant to

Whatever you’re doing, it’s perfectly fine based on your decisions, thoughts,
feelings, actions, and the meaning you’ve attached to everything in your life.

We, as humans, are perfectly designed where we are meant to be.

You’ve been running an unconscious strategy and unconscious patterns of thinking that have
led you up to this point in your life.

If you would like to change that pattern, it’s going to require a new YOU: a new way of thinking, new actions, new skills, and capabilities.

Otherwise, you will never be able to change.



And It's Completely Fine Not to Change...

But if we are being honest, Most people that are stuck in situations that they do not want to be in, What we found is that they’re usually stuck because they’ll explore the risk of moving forward. But they’ll never explore the risk of staying exactly where they’re at in a situation where they don’t want to be in.

But here’s the thing: you’re going to have to eventually do it, whether it’s now, tomorrow, 1 year, or 10 years

And each time you delay the problem is just gonna get worse….

Committing is the hardest thing about this. After this point, all you need to do
is follow our lead, take each day as it comes, and get the results that you have
been searching for…

...and I know that this feels a little uncomfortable, but this is the way it’s got to be…

Comfort is the Breeding Ground for Mediocrity

So you can either stay in that breeding ground for another 1, 2, 5 years, or we can start to make the moves so we can start to become the person we wanna be in order to get the results.

It’s up to you. At the end of the day, it’s your choice…

I'm not asking you to pull out your credit card and say yes or no right now.

All I'm asking is that you make an informed decision and hop on a call to see if we can even help you.

Worst case scenario, you get some free advice that will help. 

What's the worst case scenario if you choose to work with us?

You Get Your Money Back!

Worst case scenario if we do worse than your current campaign?

Campaign budgets are split 90% to the original and 10% to the experiment until our campaign and landing page proves to convert at a similar or better rate!

So Almost No Financial Risk!

So what are you waiting for?

Click the button below to see if you are a good fit for our program!

Reduce My Cost Per Lead 📉

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