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Dominate your competitors using our proven hands-free 3 step marketing process to Win Traffic, Convert Leads, and Close Sales through Google AdsπŸš€

Service Based Businesses

Our company got hit hard during covid. We took Jacob on and saw quick results during the first month of working with him. We have tripled our inquires, receive around 1-4 leads a day from him, and increased our bottom line by $103,200 in the first month of working with him. We highly recommend Jacob to anybody looking for anything Google Ads, PPC, or marketing related.


$1,000,000+/m Managed Between Our Experts

Step 1) 10x Your Traffic

Win Traffic

Leverage our creative skillset to skyrocket search ad click-through rates up to 10x.

10x Your Traffic From 2% CTR to 19% CTR

Step 2) Unleash Conversion Power

Convert Leads

Get ready-to-buy leads from Google Ads flooding your phone from our high-quality marketing team. Our landing pages convert up to 2-3x more leads than other marketing companies. That means you get 2-3x more calls!

Ready-To-Buy Leads

Step 3) Connect To Leads Instantly

Close Sales

Reach prospects instantly with our proprietary auto-connect system that increases the chance you speak to a lead by 100x and increases the chance you close a lead by 400%.

Close More Deals In Less Time
Drastically Reduce Response To Lead Time

Why Choose Us Over Our Competitors?

Reason 1: Reduce Chaos

Our Marketing Is Hands-Free

We give you a marketing system that you don't have to manage. Just sit back, relax, and watch the calls flow in... We provide a real-time dashboard to track all of your calls in real-time and bi-weekly reporting that shows you howΒ  many leads our system is generating. No guesswork to see if it's working, no BS.

Hands-Free Marketing System
Real-Time Reporting
Real Results
Dedicated Account Manager
Certified Google PPC Specialists

Reason 2: AI Powered Copywriting

No More Boring Websites

Let our copywriting experts write eye-catching content for your website or landing page using AI-powered tools that ensure every sentence is just as dynamic as a salesperson at the negotiating table. Capture attention and inspire trust by presenting the information prospects want from you so they will make a commitment to your company and give you what you're worth!

Copywriting Experts + AI Copy Assistant = Amazing High Converting Copy

Reason 3: Increase Conversions

Website Heatmapping

The worst problem is identifying a problem at a later stage when it has already cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Avoid this problem and increase conversions on your existing website with live recordings of your traffic and heatmaps which identify what content is causing drops in conversions and what CTA buttons are not being clicked.

Know What To Fix Now
Reduce Bounce Rate
REAL Data-Driven A/B Testing

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3) Results

Start generating leads that turn into highly profitable cases

Happy Clients


Excellent performance and results. Very happy to have found and chosen Michael to help course-correct our Google Ads efforts! Seeing awesome and measurable results… 3x our prior ROAS after Michael taking over and steering the Ads campaigns and managing. Michael is Data-driven, analytical, and great to work with… making it easy for us to grow!


Very smart and focused ad campaign management that resulted in an increase in both the quality and quantity of in-bound leads.


Very professional and knowledgeable experience. I recommend his expertise.


Excellent knowledge and skills in Google Ads. Good results to start and scale.


Michael is an expert at his craft and truly cares! He has been willing to go out of his way to make sure my random questions are answered fully and quickly. Such a great guy to work with and I'm happy with the results we've been seeing in the last month πŸ™‚ Would recommend him to friends and family alike!!


I have been working with Michael for a while now - he completed a number of projects for me. Each and every one of those projects was a huge success. Michael is a professional, he is hard-working, dedicated, and very easy to communicate with. My business grew significantly and he is an imporatnt part of this growth process. Thank you Michael!


VERY good communicator. Passionate. Delivers what he advertises. Takes your ads seriously. He’s my go-to for all things advertising!


Very knowledgeable. Great work. highly recommend


Mike is an excellent communicator and was able to help me take control of my google ad account. He customized the campaigns based on our needs and was able to go above and beyond my businesses needs for this project. I will 1000% use him again for other services and would highly recommend.


Michael was extremely knowledgeable and transparent in communicating the changes/optimizations applied to my account. We were able to decrease our CPL and increase conversions in the first 30 days! I would highly suggest this for all beginner or intermediate Google Ads marketers.


Bonus: Conversion Rate Optimization ($16,000 Value)

The average CRO agency charges $16,000 a month to optimize your landing pages/website. We provide CRO optimization and create and optimize landing pages by testing different headers, layouts, color schemes, button colors, and more for a small fraction of that price. Why is this such a big deal? We tripled shamrocks leads with CRO.

Shamrocks Conversion Rate When We First Started Working With Them
Shamrocks Conversion Rate Now (2-3x More Leads)
Create Custom High Quality Landing Pages To Persuade Your Prospect To Buy
Continuously Optimize Your Landing Pages To Achieve High Conversion Rates

1 Month Shamrock Corporation Case Study

AdSpend Invested


Increased Bottom Line By


Monthly Recurring Revenue Added


When hiring or looking for a Google Ads Agency / Specialist, the golden standard to weeding out the wrong/underperforming "specialists" or "agencies" is to choose a specialist that has personally spent thousands of dollars of their personal income on Google Ads. Every campaign that I run for a client is a campaign I would personally invest in.

Of course! The process is the same for all industries, except for the cost per click and landing page development. We have experience in the most competitive markets creating landing pages for Google Ads where a single click costs range anywhere from $20-$350. Our industry is just as competitive as running a personal injury campaign in New York City on Google!

Google Ads can be very profitable as long as you're working with the right person. Many people specialize in Google Ads, but not many also specialize in high converting landing page development which can provide massive uplifts in conversion rates. This is how we provide better results and more leads than our competition.

Start Generating Leads Cases Revenue Now!

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