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My Name Is Jacob. I take a unique approach to text ad development that allows me to achieve great results in my market, as well as my client's market in Google Search Ads by creating compelling ads with high click-through rates above the industry standard and conversion rates double the industry standard. (double the amount of leads) Click-through rates and conversion rates differ depending on the industry, but the principles and foundations to achieving great click-through rates and conversion rates are the same across any industry you enter.

Conversion Rate Optimization Tip For Lawyers

Get Rid Of Complex Copy On Your Website

Data shows that the more complex copywriting you have on your website and the more words you have using legal jargon, the lower your conversion rates will be. For the law industry, keep it short and simple. In my industry (the advertising industry), having some complex copy can actually lead to slightly higher conversion rates. But don't worry, I won't confuse you too much.

Do Not Use Negative Language

On a lot of legal landing pages, we see a correlation between negative emotions and lower conversion rates. Medical and injury law have more of this type of language and as a result, they underperform. Focus your copywriting on the benefits that you provide. Think "helping people gain maximum compensation" rather than "fighting for injured victims who are misinformed"

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